King Dunrii


It’s been a while and I have made a moc that I’d like to share.
This moc has been assembled for about 3 years now and only now am I posting pictures to dismantle it for parts.

The moc is based on ancient civilization mummification preformed on a high priest. Through magic, he rises to give wisdom to his ruler and his offspring.

flickr for those interested:

Thanks for your time!


This is awesome.
The way you designed the head is awesome.

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Thanks for the comment! I started off with the head and is what kept me from dismantling him because it looked cool :slight_smile:

How have I not come across any of your topics before these are really cool mocs man

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Very nice. I like the color scheme and the design of the head.

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Very unorthodox head, nice to see the use of a stone skull piece.

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This is amazing. I love the overall look.

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Almost looks like something we could have gotten for Voo Doo Heads, love the head!

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The Real Boneheads of Voodoo Island.