King Ghidorah

Monster Zero, the Destroyer of Worlds, Godzilla’s Ultimate Nemesis, King Ghidorah.
I went with a mixture of looks here, borrowing from the new 2019 version as well as some of his more classic looks

I had originally intended to draw this for a YouTube video, but I changed my mind at the last minute because I didn’t like how the pose was turning out.


This is awesome. Ghidorah is one of my favorite kaiju and this is a fantastic representation of him.

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hey look its @Ghid

in all seriousness this is good art


I’ve rarely looked better

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It’s a good drawing!
The only gripe I have is the angle. The front on- look makes it seem super skinny, and it’s kinda weird.
Other than that, the detail is astounding and the colors are great.
Good job and keep drawing!

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That’s cool! Really looks golden.

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looks just like it

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