King Komodo

A giant kaiju is stomping around Neo-Tokyo. Is it Tuesday already…?

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More bright blue?

If I had more than just that jaw and sockets then I would’ve :cry:


the light blue is off-putting

Really nice use of that dragon wing sail piece as a- you know I’m not sure what to call that, but it looks great.

its called pauldron

A cauldron is usually something you where though, this looks to be more like part of the creatures flesh.

This is great! Even if it is kinda simple, looks very cool

it’s a shoulder then

People are putting down the blue in the jaw, to me it kinda stands out in a good way, like the ruby throat on a humming bird.

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There’s some great techniques used in this moc.

nice and smooth. colour scheme is somewhat thrown out of whack with that blue jaw though.