King of corruption: Makuta Prime

Hello fellow board dwellers!
I recently built and entered a towering giant of a moc into the “show us your makuta” contest over on Lego Rebrick. A friend of mine collected 90% of the gen2 sets. Since I own more gen1 than anything, we agreed to combine our parts collection for this contest. I built everything on my own without assistance. Makuta prime stands 31 inches tall, and is quite heavy. Please check out my moc’s page at Rebrick and leave your thoughts below! Good luck to all who have bravely entered this enormous contest! :sunglasses:{00A66255-0F67-490B-97E3-3FCD9CF12314}&a_id=37be95d3-9136-43ca-9242-795efe271df6&sortEntry=false


Pretty messy


But still looks pretty decent

This model have gap here and there, the purple on the thigh sticks out badly.
The chest is decently built.

The mace looks nice
The head looks very good
Colour distribution needs a little bit of work,
And maybe smooth out some sections


  • I can definitely say that the head is nice. Good Job.
  • The whip is a neat idea.

meanwhile the rest is eh.

  • The shoulders sit way too low
  • The arms are too long, and make him look like a knuckledragger,
  • There are gaps out the wazoo in his build,
  • The random gold on the shoulders, red in the torso, and purple in the thighs are bad, because those colors barely appear anywhere else on the MOC.
  • the silver distribution is also kinda laughable as well

Overall, this needs some work, but it’s a nice effort.


Looks like he corrupted himself

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I understand the color distribution, but yeah there are a lot of issues with the moc. I used gold on the shoulders instead of silver because I did not have any more silver available. I rarely ever buy from bricklink so I use only the parts I have availible.

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