King of Thieves

King of Thieves is a mobile game where you make a dungeon to protect your treasure, and steal from other people's dungeons. It's a fun sort of idle-and-then-not-idle game that I've been playing a bit.
There's some way to make guilds, but I haven't figured it out. I'll try making a TTV Gametime Guild or something if I figure it out.

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Dear god the AAA is real

Now on some level I can brush off any corporate business things but the one thing I despise is the amount of ways they make me want to pay. From something as trivial is trying to get a door open, losing my rewards from a dungeon, and me not entitled to stealing a gem just because of some spinny board.

I like the game, I really do, but I swear the business practices are up the wazoo.

Interesting concept...

I've been playing this game a lot recently, does anyone want to make a Guild?