King Rahk Cezium

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Created for the final round of the MOCpages Self-MOC-Off Tournament 2014, back in April. This is a titanized and stylized version of Cezium's self-MOC Cerahk.

Starting with this guy, I'm going to be rolling out some of my 2014 MOCs on this forum. Hope you enjoy.


This good followers of the Message Boards, is a Rahkshi-headed MOC done right!
11/10 would look at again.


BTW, just wanted to let you know that I've been a huge fan of your work for quite a while now. The level of detail/intricacy your MOCs have is incredible.

@Marendex_T17 Thank you! I don't use Rahkshi heads very often, so I make sure to make it count.

@legomaster1378 Thanks! Glad you enjoy! smile

It's nice to see you posting your MOCs here Chro smile

This is really intense! I'm loving the silhouette this piece creates; tall and slender yet still invoking power.

I gotta say, of all the things about this MOC that impresses me, the lower torso and cod piece really stood out. I really love how angled it is, creates a natural dynamic pose that seems very Anime-mecha-Evangelion looking. The reverse knees also help reduce the static pose and give the MOC more character, and it's a more creative decision over simply giving him chicken legs.

Also that Nocturn heads makes for a pretty awesome chest piece.

As far as critique is concerned, I kind of wish those Rahkshi heads came in that nice faded blue color because I feel like the dark blue kind of stands out and breaks the color scheme a bit and while I like the choice of the Rahkshi head on top, I also feel like it's a bit too small for this MOC (which is unfortunate since It's meant to be a Rahkshi)

But overall, very impressive.


Thanks Var.
Yes, the head was a bit small. I couldn't really find a better alternative that fit with the MOC.

Question: how is the name pronounced?

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Cezium is pronounced, as far as I know, like the element "cesium".
Cerahk is pronounced, as far as I know, like the element "cesium" with "rahk" replacing the "-ium". stuck_out_tongue

Thank you.

No problem.