King Ved: Selfmoc

Scrar doing a stupid dab. :angry:

I do not like dabs that much.




  • Bootleg pekekoa
    Anyway, that’s pretty good! I like it.

the legs don’t really fit with the rest,otherwise it’s alright


I guess the normal Vahi wasn’t good enough.

@King_Ved I do like this MOC quiet a bit for it’s uniqueness, and that head design is pretty genus. But I agree with @Ghosty on the legs.

ah yes, I guess it wasn’t. I guess I’m better off naming my account something like “XXBIONICOOL_TRICKSHOT_XX123” or “(Selfmoc name)123” because theres a lot of creativity in those names am I right?

Anyway @King_Ved those legs are going to be the death of me, they need more bulk, you cant just leave them with those flimsy inika like legs.

The head is really cool. It totally looks like a soldier robot. The rest of the MOC is ok.

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Naw dude, I totally dig you’re name. In fact, I wrote that comment to draw attention to it because I felt it was pretty creative. I love a good title, ThatchMac seems to have worked out but it was a complete accident XD.

hahaha, thanks. I’d honestly say don’t take me seriously on comments like those because I’m always over exaggerating with sarcasm. Your name reminds me of a big mac or something.

It’s a pretty good MoC! I really like the face!

The legs kinda clash with the MOC visually, but everything above them is well designed and flows nicely.

That’s all I can say.

although i think the legs could be changed

I found Slenderman!

More of a Namrednels than a Slenderman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: also I have just finished up on the new legs, I will get those out as soon as I can.

true dat

i’m also looking forward too seeing the new legs

Scar! Is that you?


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