Kingdom of Frost concept art (part one)

Some concept art I 've done recently for my ongoing idea for a fantasy graphic novel, “Kingdom of Frost.”
The main villain, Frost lord, with and without his armor.

he has been dead for 25 years
but has been contsantly at sub-zero temperatures
making it so rot is minimal
he lost his hand before he got his powers, and it was replaced with a glass gauntlet that he can use to literally freeze people’s blood with a touch, killing them by popping all of their veins (because blood is mostly water, and water expands when it freezes)
other than that, all the other injuries have been stitched up since he can only die from a decapitation
if he isn’t killed by a one-hit decapitation, his blood can freeze so that his head stays on, maing it so he can get to safety and have it sewn up
also, he has had his organs removed because he no longer uses them
before he died, he made a pact with the spirit of winter to get him revenge against the corrupt king. The reason he wanted the kill the king was because of the fact that, for the crime of leading a group of militia to try and stop a group of soldiers from ransacking a town full of unarmed refugees. For this crime, he was punished by having his hand chopped off and was sent alongside his comrades into the icy wastelands, watching as his only friends died one by one.
This pact allowed the spirit to conrol his body to kill the king in exchange for frost lord’s soul.
however, he was stabbed from behind while the spirit controlled him, killing its Now he must consume souls semi-regularly to keep his near god-like powers over cold and to prevent his death
he now leads an army in an attempt to conquer the world so that he can end all conflict by uniting everyone under one banner. However, his tyrannical rule cannot be allowed to destroy all opposition.
He no longer feels any emotions beyond a hollow sadness for his dead wife and the hope he once had.
however, his idea of a perfect world leaves no room for emotion, leaving the people he has conquered unsatisfied with the war.
Before his soul was fully gone, he found a wife whom he believed could help him rule the kingdom, thanks to her kindness and wisdom. However, she died in childbirth, leaving frost lord with a daughter and no advisor, and destroying the last bit of humanity he had.
His daughter inherited his magical strength, but he was too harsh on her, causing her to run away.
He has many generals, all of whom understand that failure is not tolerated. If a general fails at a major assignment, they are sent out with minimal troops on a “redemption quest”- a near-suicidial mission with the understanding that you either succeed(and regain your honor and position, or die trying.
He doesn’t sleep, and instead uses the time to study magic so that he can better perfect different fields
lack of emotions maby still retaining a few like a hollow sadness at the loss of his wife and his daughter running away
Really, he saw his wife as the only real chance for the world to be happy
but when she died, that hope of a truly perfect future died with her.
After that, he felt the only way to unite the world was through conquest
rather than the reason he sought out a wife like her origionally, which was to try and counterbalance his cold heartlessness and logic with emotion and compassion
but without her, he decided he couldn’t rely exclusively on any one person ever again.

Edit: Close-up of his face

His daughter:

After running away, she became a freedom fighter who helped protect the world from her father’s attacks. She learned how to use her emotions to channel magical power into fire.
######Also yeah she’s black(her mom was black)… And she’s also bisexual.
######It’s my character ok

Frost lord’s most trusted general. Raised from childhood by frost lord after she tried to join his caravan as a little girl. She views frost lord as a father, causing her to even further resent his daughter when she was taken into frost lord’s home at a young age, a reses=entment taken even further when his daughter “betrayed” frost lord by running away. She always tried to earn her emperor’s approval, and is more than willing to lay down her own life for him. She is zealous, no-nonsense, resourceful, and a cunning general.

Now with different hair. Plus, I decided to make her asian.
Edit: now she looks more human. Other than the eyes, but that was because of pencil lead accidentally darkening up the blue marker.

Comments and criticism are welcome and wanted!


do you that he’d mind if i asked his daughter out to prom?


She wouldn’t mind. She might even go with you, if you can make her laugh.
He would impale you on an icicle in under a second. Then eat your soul…

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the impalement sounds fun though we might want to reschedule that. as for the eating of my soul he might have some problems with that one


He’s right. He sold it to me so he could pay for more bonkles and random bricklink stuff.

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