To most of the Matoran residents of York Nui, the large being known as Fizk is a kind philanthropist, helping pay for the construction of new homes and cultural centers. However, if you listen to the whispers on the street, you may learn of a different side to Fizk. You may hear about how his philanthropic work is used to launder his image. You may hear how the money from these projects actually goes back into his criminal empire. You may hear that, to the denizens of York Nui’s underworld, Fizk is known as the ruthless crimelord known as the Kingpin, a being whose rotund frame hides a strength capable of grounding a Kanohi mask to dust with his claws.
According to rumor, the Kingpin is currently in a turf war with the Dark Hunters for control of York Nui’s criminal underworld. While the conflict has been in a stalemate for some time, the appearance of new heroes and villains in the city has complicated things for both sides. The Kingpin, however, is not worried. He will either bring these new players to his side, or he will crush them like anyone else who has stood in his way.
The Turaga doesn’t rule York Nui. The Shadowed One will never rule York Nui. As anyone who’s heard the whispers on the streets can tell you, the Kingpin rules York Nui, and every being in his way had better remember that.
(I’ve had the idea for a Kingpin MOC in head for a bit, but was always a bit hesitant. I always figured that in a BIONICLE version of the Marvel universe, the role of the Kingpin was served by the Shadowed One. But, I had the idea for the build, and decided to go from there. This design is heavily inspired by Into the Spider-Verse’s take on the character. I figured since BIONICLE characters don’t need to have human-like proportions or builds, I could go a bit nuts. Also, I find ITSV’s design of the Kingpin kind of fun. The cane is a nod to earlier appearances of the Kingpin, where he’s shown with a diamond tipped cane that can shoot laser. In case you’re wondering, the MOC’s version of the cane can also do that in story.)

Symbiote Spidey down here to show a size comparison.