I noticed that I very rarely use gold in my MOCs, despite having an abundance of gold parts. So this guy is an attempt to finally use those parts.

According to Google translate the name Kintama is Japanese for “jade gold.” Some folks have commented that it means something else. But I’m going to stick with it either way.

Which mask do you think looks best?

Photoshop Color Swap



Great shaping as usual. My favorite mask though would have to be Lewa Uniter and Makuta. Though I’m curious as to what piece you used for the green spike coming out of the top of the makuta mask.

Thanks! I don’t know what that part is called. But I think they’re from Nexo Knights maybe?


Maybe cause LEGO kept putting it into more sets than needed it. I don’t use it on most of my MOCs because gold doesn’t fit their station.

I agree. Their shade of gold is particularly boring. The flat, dark gold is better. But they made so few parts in it, that it’s harder to use frequently.

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I’d say Mask of Control looks best. It’s horns match with the drooping blades of the axe.

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Interesting build, I kinda prefer the Makuta mask.


Me too. The downward curves of the mask fit best with the rest of the armor, imo.