Kirar, toa of Creation Revamp

I have revamped Kirar to get rid of his technic-heavy appearance. (I needed the technic for other mocs) The LED’s were taken out, but I may eventually put some new ones in later. The hammer and sheild will be rebuilt evetually.

The pictues also turned out really bright for some reason.

The previous version

Here’s the new version

A simple post, but I hope you have enjoyed!


This is very well built, I like the minimal use of trans blue as accents.

Man, this is cool looking. I like the black pieces on his waist, they looks sort of like a warrior’s sash. The hammer is well made as well.

The fire arms look a little blocky, but this is a great revamp on the whole.

Daaaaaang, this is nice. :ok_hand:

Absolutely love the trans-blue piece, they go amazingly with the gold!

Pre '06 gold and trans blue is something i never realised i needed in life until now, absolutely stunning

Those arms are a definite improvement over the last version, but the back seems a little bare to me.

@BBricks Thank you! I’m surprised that this isn’t used as often.

@SammySpartan Thanks! I need to rebuild the hammer, but it this is one of my favorite toa styled characters

@Stoax Yeah, they are It’s the best that could be done with the ccbs bone that was used.

@HewksDKowlihad Thanks!

@Power.Mocs It’s a great color combination.

@Jayfa They go surprisingly well together. I believe I saw them together before once. I can’t remember where, though.

@ToaPanda Hmm… The back could use some gold. I’ll revisit and post photos if there is anything that works well.