Kirar, Toa of Creation

I made this a few months ago to see how well I could put LED’s into a bionicle moc. It didn’t turn out perfect by any means, but I say it was still somewhat successful. I am really happy with the moc itself, but I think that the wires could probably be hidden a bit more. I really enjoyed doing this, and I definitely want to do something similar to this again. Here it is!

Before it had LED’s in it…

Here’s him with all the LED’s turned on. They’re fairly bright, but I do say, they look a lot better in person. I also forgot to clip the hammer to the circuit so it lights up as well.

salvaged a battery box to use for him.


looks great, but all the wires sticking out in LED mode look bad. next time build around the battery box, and thread the wires through the pinholes.

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I think the concept of the LED lights aren’t too well integrated, honestly, but the build itself is excellently shaped.


Doesn’t get any more Op then a Toa of creation. Great MoC.

Outside of the wires, he looks awesome

The Legs look very constricted, they just seem a bit too close together. I like the color scheme, the super dull gold actually works very well. The LED idea is fine, it’s something different that I’ve never seen before. Great job.

I love it.

@SwagMeister @Omega_Tahu Yep, the wires definitely weren’t as integrated as I wanted them to be. I still like the effect of the LED’s. I think my next try of this will be on a bigger creation.


The light blue and dark gold (I know there is probably another name for that color) really work together quite well

this is awesome

don’t see dark gold and trans blue mixed a lot


Oh this is s beauty. I love dark gold, they’re my favorite Bionicle color, and seeing this makes me happy. The build looks solid and that loin piece is done super well. :thumbsup:

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My favorite color-scheme.

@Middlefingerstudios @tak210 @Leoxandar Thanks, it’s one of my favorite as well.

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Nice MOC! Excellent use of the dark gold in combination with the transparent blue.

Thank you!

I love the build and shaping, and the concept of the LEDs, while the integration is wanting, is pretty neat. Good work!

Creative idea, but the LED wires stick out a bit and the lights themselves are too bright (as you said xP) so it’s hard to look at them. This is a fairly good MOC though, so I will give it that. =P

sort of looks like an evil tall type of the mask maker from a parallel universe

Hey, if it isn’t that guy from Flickr!

I actually saw this MOC during Brickfair VA, but I wasn’t able to take a good picture of it. This is the only one and crappy picture I’ve got:


I’m glad that they got to show it lit up part of the time. I was worried that the batteries would run out too fast.