Kitra The Diplomats Blaze

"Valiant and Swift When she Strikes on The Battlefield, Cunning and Deceitful as she turns the Tables in the Courtroom"
Harik to Lutr

Name: Kitra Embaria
A.K.A : The Diplomats Ablaze, Ace Assassin
Occupation, Cindarian Diplomat / Assasin of the Cindarian Warriors
Kitra Embaria lived in Triktor as a Duchess of The Kindent (Part of the Trikton Kingdom) alongside her Brother Harik.Embaria
But During The Revolution Kitra and Harik alongside their Farther had to flee leaving everything Behind.

They Reached CIndaria to a Accustomed welcome.

Years past and Kitra became a Diplomat of Cindaria and became an Assassin Alongside Harik.

Close Up



She also Has Weapon storage (I will be working on it)

And this Image because Awesomeness

Concept: I went for a Rugged and Feminine Assassin Look (and thats why she has the Rugged Armour)



-I don't see the female design.
-It's furno 6.0
-back armor

-actually it looks more like her armor is falling off.

It's ok.



more 'lanky furno' than anything,

with some texture whiplash going on in the legs.
also asymmetry for the sake of asymmetry.


The furno chest thins downwards so she has a slim body

Plural's Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is pretty consistent
  • Rahkshi Shoulder-Armor looks pretty Meh
  • Unarmored bits on the arms make them seem rather bland
  • Fire Villain Armor Pieces seem to stand out too much

I would give this MOC a 5/10.
Needs Some Work wink

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Did you see o
It has. Custom legs

Well, the thing is a simple CCBS build, the open pins and axles on the legs look Meh, and it looks like Furno, but those weapons I do quite like. smile


Actually the legs aren't ccbs

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Looks like a really thin Furno.

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I know, but they are quite gappy and have open pins.

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