Kiva - A Kamen Rider MOC

I got bored and decide to try to make Kiva after seeing one of the new elements in LDD, here’s the result:
Here’s an awesome render I made w/ a LDD to POV-Ray software thingy:

Here’s some in-LDD pics:

I’m thinking of posting this as a project on Lego Ideas, and have it w/ the different versions of Kiva (I.E the Dogga Hammer, Garuru Saber, Etc.) but Idk if this is good enough for that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty good! May not know much about Kamen Rider but I know a good MOC when I see one.


Why thank you for the kind words. ^-^ I think you should watch Kamen Rider, it’s a good series (Well, dependent upon which one you watch. :stuck_out_tongue:).

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It’s good, I like it, looks like kiva,
the head’s a bit odd looking though,
overall well done!

I’d say make emperor form next, not really sure how you’d do the cape though.

Why thank you. ^-^ Idk how I’d do Emperor form, though. XD I don’t see any helmets/ masks that look like his. :confused: And yeah, there probably wouldn’t be a cape.I don’t think they have those in LDD. :stuck_out_tongue:

considering the eyes are red, the one you’re using would work, just with a gold head under it.

I’d like to see you make Den-O or Agito as well, their designs lend themselves to CCBS far better then some of the more detailed riders.

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You kinda read my mind. XD I was totally thinking of doing Den-O, or Faiz or Agito next. :stuck_out_tongue: I think they’d be a fun challenge. ^-^

As a Den-O fan I’m biased as to which you should do,
but I’d like to see how you’d do the thigh stripes if you chose it.

I think I may know of a way to do it, but it’s kinda cheat-y. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a page from Figuarts and just use plastic(flat enough pieces) to replicate it.


Very cool, very clever. Not a big fan of the whole head assembly though. There must be some way to make it more accurate.

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Well, there may be. None that I can see LDD cooperating with, though. XD

That’s rather clever. Good color distribution.

Why than you. ^-^ I just followed the colours of the suit from the show. I wish I could get it a bit more show-accurate, though. XD

I think the head is the thing that keeps me from truly really liking this.

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Yeah, I can agree. I’ll see if I can find a better looking/ show-accurate head in LDD. :stuck_out_tongue:

How does this one look:

I can see if there’s any other helmets that’d fit the look a bit better. :stuck_out_tongue:


is there any way to actually have yellow “eyes”?

Well, they’d have to be a sticker. I can’t really find any other alternatives (Then again, I’m not the most creative of people :stuck_out_tongue:).

well a custom system head could do that, but they are hard to get looking right.
though kivat’s already made of system, so it wouldn’t stick out too much.

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