Klarukai (Scavenger (MOC))

This is Klarukai during the “Silent Night” event (which I will talk more about in my later MOCs). The “Silent Night” was a war on Bota Magna fought because of limited resources. It was known as the “Silent Night” because of a epidemic that was spreading during the war. It killed all of it’s victims in one day.

Klarukai was one of the handful of the survivors of the war. During the war, he salvaged dead bodies to take their armor, loot them, among other things. He is a man of few words and keeps to himself.

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This honestly just looks like clunky Lewa. I would recommend changing the weapons, fix conflicting textures, and add a little more color, but that’s just me. Overall, needs some work.


Doesn’t look like a scavenger to me.