Klaxus, the Seeker (my first attempt at a self-MOC)

I have returned with some MOC goodies! RogueToa and I have been collaborating for a while and have been working on touching up our self-MOCs, and I have ended up with this guy:

I present Klaxus the Seeker, a dark hunter that roams the frozen wastes, calculating and scouring for his next prey.
Obviously, he has the elemental affiliation of ice, but I decided to include some accents of mata red, mata purple and translucent lime.

He is equipped with a laser drill, a unique saw/zamor launcher weapon, and for lack of a better word, snowshoes. Also he’s got a sick cape.

I wasn’t striving for complexity with this build, (excluding the torso, that part is real interesting) but I think he came out very well. I suppose i’ll have to make him my profile picture now.

If you have any critiques, criticisms or comments, please feel free to leave them down below. This guy is still very much open to modification, so anything is appreciated!


It looks quite nice though I would replace the pakari for a white or black one


Looks stellar! The white really comes out against they grey to make it pop. Great work