Klepto & Goliath MOC

This is a moc I made for the "Battle For The Golden Mask" Lego contest. I worked qiote hard on it, as it took me several weeks to complete.

Klepto - A smarmy merchant with a lust for a life of wealthiness. Though he may be small, he is powerful. With a strong swing of his staff, he can cast the plague of a millennia onto any victim. As of current, he is unsure how to use this staff, as he swindled it from a mage. For now, It's just a scare tactic.

Goliath - A gargantuan brute, Goliath romps through villages, striking fear into the hearts of those who cross his path. Klepto rides atop goliath, using him to carry his rather large amount of cargo. He does not serve as just a mule, however. With his powerful jaws and agile scorpion-tail, This beast can defeat any foe in a matter of minutes.

Now a few things about the moc:

Some may not like the silver arm on Goliath. I added this feature not because I ran out of pieces, but because I thought it just looked cool. One could imagine it as a mutation in the scale pattern, or a robotic arm of some sort; I leave that part to the imagination smile.

I added a few pictures of Kelpto's skeleton, so you can kind of see how I built him. He is very complex, so in a way, im almost showing off wink

Tell me what you think! I want honest feedback.

Toxic Mocs

Klepto and Goliath together

Goliath front pose

Goliath side pose

A certainly terrifying face

Big scorpion-style tail

Close up of Klepto on top of Goliath

Klepto's back

Klepto in a menacing pose

Klepto in a calm pose

Klepto's skeleton (sorry for the blurriness)

Here's a pic of them on DeviantArt:


I really like this MOC. It's nice and the colors are great. It reminds me of Vezon and Fenrakk!

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lookin good. I can safely say your builds are something nice...

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I think the face of


really works well here.


Thank you! I appreciate the feedback smile

Okay, I haven't done an in-depth review in a while, so I'm gonna pick up on that old tradition.


Smallest first. First off: no stickers on Tuma's head. I like that, and I'm pretty sure I left off the stickers too. His body is a little squat, and the grey pieces on his shoulders look out of place. I'm not going to complain about the blue pins, because they look... I don't know, like they belong there. I'm not really a fan of the chain, too, as it messes with an otherwise okay look.


Fitting name. The arm, in my opinion, looks robotic, and I like the fact that it's almost the same as the other leg--not too similar, not too asymmetrical, best of both worlds. If I was to make one complaint about this model, it'd be that I'd prefer more red.

Overall, these are pretty good. The biggest con is Klepto's short body. Otherwise, these are quite fitting as BIONICLE mocs.

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Thank you for the in-depth review! Much appreciated smile

Goliath is awesome.
Klepto's frame conveys a lot of personality but it's kind of hidden by the choice of helmet and cape.


Goliath....very well armored. I approve of everything except the asymmetrical forefeet.