Klix (Revamped)

(Klix, Toa Kuta of Frost.)

Rahkshi didn’t work, Bohrok didn’t clean the Toa away, the Makuta believed thay had created and unleashed everything imaginable to stop the Toa’s from their goal, until the idea came of building Toa to fight Toa. The Toa Kuta was that very idea, and had planned on succeeding like nothing else had, until one day, the Toa Kuta decided to fight against and battle their creators.


The Toa Kuta had no idea why they were built in certain ways, but none more curious than Klix. While feeling acceptance from the Toa and Matoran, she doesn’t actually know what she is. All she knows is that she wants to try her best to give her the rightful and true Toa name.

I built Klix some time ago, and got nitpicked over the Nuva chest on the original. While I understand the complaints, I also didn’t feel it was out of place. I went to Cherry Bomb Toys to pick up some new parts from their bulk bins for MOC’s and other stuff, and I found an Exo Force piece that worked perfectly. I wasn’t intending to recreate it, but that piece made me want to. I also changed up a lot on her, and while she still isn’t a superior MOC, I still feel it’s an upgrade. Also gave her more white.

(Front View)

Weapons include a mounted-arm blade, and mounted-arm gun which can rotate.

(Front View)

(Back View)


(Point an shoot)

(What’s that?)

(You talking to me?)


(Just chill)



(Ahkto tries to please Ahkahna)

(Women who can’t hold a conversation for 200 Alex)

(Chit chat)

(Who is that?)

(Team together)

(Keep trying Ahkto)

(Happy Holidays)

(Pretty cool for such… meh MOC’s)

If you don’t like it that’s fine, but I like where she’s at right now, and I hope you guys enjoy her and I hope she’ll do well on my channel.

(Bonus photo: #SexyAhkto)


Much improved from the original. I especially like your usage of a motorcycle top as a chest piece, it looks very nice.

It looms interesting, but the upper arms are blandly armored and…Rahkshi head…

Torso is great, good improvement.

Other than that, it’s OK.

I like it, so I kept it. If I find the right shell piece I might switch it, but I like the spikes.

Yep… and? I know other MOC’s have done it, but I wanted to use it for this MOC, actually gonna tie into something else.


Oh so that’s where it came from. Thanks.


never seen the motorcycle piece used like that, pretty nice moc man

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Thanks, it’s funny cause, as soon as I saw it I knew exactly where to put it.


While I agree the rakshi head is overused I think this is one of the Mocs that it doesn’t just looked slapped on.
The bodies pretty good and while the motorcycle from doesn’t look too feminine to me neither does a rakshi head so it works for her. I like how you went with the attached weapons; not rare but so many Mocs have seperate it’s a nice change plus it’s just more practical.


Thanks, I’m glad you think that.

UPDATE: Wanted to give her a gun, nothing special, but simple.


The gun looks like a Revolver mixed with a ray gun

I thought she would be a beetle!

But in all honesty, this’s pretty cool! With some more improvement, primarily to the legs, you could have something pretty cool!
I also feel that the rhakshi head is… Overused…

You’re welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:


This is very cool!

Still working on it. (And no matter how many complaints, I’m not changing the head cause I think it works for her.) The back is temporary at this moment but I wanted to alter it since she had a humpback thing. New torso detail, upper legs changed from the original, (Just easier) new holster, and skirt thing I did out of paper that I really like. Also the rubber band is just to hold the chest since it kept popping off, probably will change that to white.

Bonus: Fashion.


That actually looks pretty nice. Do you plan to re-create it using Lego in the future?

Probably not since I like the uniqueness.


Nifty MOC. I, too, enjoy the head.

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Decided to give her a new revamp again.

Now for the cheesy part.

Like it or not, this is the MOC I decided to build. I took a lot of time and care into this, so if I feel the need to change it I will do so, but on my behalf. Thank you.


I like the custom head-paint. Works well. The shins feel like they need some white armor to go with the rest of the color-scheme.

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Klix is saying. “You! You’re the one everyone’s been waiting to see for months now!”

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Oh good, someone has noticed.

I’ve been looking into it, btw, not paint, it’s paper and glue but thanks.

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