Knightly Toa of Fire MOC

It’s ok i guess. I liked getting the Helm, shoulder pads and shin guards from knights kingdom onto the bionicle parts.

i’m thinking about making a creature for him to slay but i’m not very good at anything but fairly simple builds at the moment


Pretty nice! I might try and beef up the legs, but he’s otherwise pretty solid looking. Wouldn’t mind seeing more pictures from different angles.

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This looks quite good if you call it a simple build.

heres a photo from the back (a little late i know). Its not really got any armor at the moment, but its got places. all the weapons cover up the back well enough in my opinion.

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The thighs are really spindly, and he needs some back armor. Other than that, he’s really good so far. I like the color scheme.

Hmm this looks familiar Ahh, now I remember fellow mask poster
I like the use of Knights Kingdom parts which aren’t used to commonly.
The colour scheme is pretty good apart from the trans light blue.
Overall it’s a fairly solid moc.

This looks really good. Like a true knight.