Knight's Kingdom Rascus Photography

Ok so I went to a conference, and when we returned we also visited a Castle which was opened for tourists in that area. It also happened that I had Rascus (the green Knight’s Kingdom knight) with me, so I took him and took a few pictures of him with the Castle in the background.

@Toa_Vladin, you might be able to recognize the castle were those pictures were taken.

Thoughts and CC are highly appreciated!


Can’t really see… Bran?

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Yes, it’s Bran. What do you think about the pictures?

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The castle is clearly background and isn’t the focus, so it being obscured isn’t really an issue

Nice! Some of the posing reminds me of shots from the old KKII browser games!

The angles with the camera looking up at Rascus work best. They give him a very nice presence.

I’d recommend being careful with lighting. Rascus looks pretty dark in some shots. Also, if you ever do this again, I recommend trying to place him in more dynamic poses and photograph him from lots of different angles.

You’ve inspired me to go and do some more outdoor KKII photography. I photographed some of my custom Knights Kingdom revamp figs I’ve been working on out in my backyard and the natural setting is really fun to play around in.

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Very nice. I like the perspective. Maybe Bran should have been a little closer, but that’s just about it.

Uhm… I wasn’t even arguing against it. David asked me if I recognised the castle, and I said that I can’t really see it exactly because it is the background. I never said that it should have been the actual focus. Clearly that was the figure.

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