Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) I and II

“Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) is a roleplaying game made originally for the Microsoft Xbox and later released for the PC and is also avaliable on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The game was developed by BioWare and published by LucasArts for Xbox on July 15, 2003, for PCs running Microsoft Windows on November 19, 2003, and later for Mac OS X on September 7, 2004. Set 3,956 years before A New Hope, Knights of the Old Republic covers the era just after that of the Tales of the Jedi comics, the time of the ancient Galactic Republic.”
-copypasta’d off of Wookieepedia

I decided to make this topic in response to playing through it. Considering we have a topic dedicated to RPGs in general, and that Episode VII recently came out, I felt that it was appropriate to start this topic.

NOTE: Game spoilers must be hidden by spoiler tags.


Have it for PC, still need to finish it though. Like, I’m legitimately only about an hour in.


Played this game about a year ago. It does a great job of capturing the essence of Star Wars and putting it in video game form. It also has some great characters (I think my faves are HK-47 and Jolee), and, I would argue, the best romance story in gaming. Also one of the best plots twists in gaming, but that goes without saying. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I’m gonna change the topic title to include KotOR 2, since that game is awesome as well but not necessarily deserving of its own topic.



These games need proper remakes (updates).

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They have always been on my checklist, but the sacking of the EU made me less invested.

Tbh, KotOR/TOR has always been so far removed from the rest of Star Wars that it never have much impact. Plus, canon or not, they’re great games, and better than the vast majority of Star Wars media. Why should the EU’s status matter?

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Well since TOR is in the AU, KOTOR I and II are also in the AU.

Excuse me, what is this?

AU canon is the most current, Disney canon. The EU is the stuff before Disney retcon or things that didnt not transfer into the AU.

But what does AU stand for?

The fans probably call it Alternate Universe since most are still unhappy with the Expanded Universe retcons. But in general the AU is the canon stuff, while the EU is the Legends stuff.


this was my Halloween costume (well, part of it)


That’s awesome! Darth Nihilus is such a cool villain.


Thank you, my good sir


I have the first one. ive only played for like an hour though and i’ve had it for a really long time. I should get around to playing it somethime.

One of the many examples to abuse Jedi Mind tricks in these games.

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Well, I’m probably going to get this game soon. Any suggestion?
(Unfortunately, I’ve already been spoiled to “the twist”)

Thanks to @John_Smith, I’ve gotten into these games and, I gotta say, they really capture the feel of Star Wars. I’ll go into some of my favorite things about the series. SPOILERS ahead for those who haven’t played.

  1. Revan. Revan is by far one of my favorite Star Wars characters to this date. Starts off as a Jedi, becomes a sith, gets a memory wipe, and becomes the savior of the galaxy after defeating his former apprentice. The whole twist about the player being Revan was just genius. Plus he looks awesome. He has so much to him that I like. I really hope he returns to Star Wars lore.

  2. The choice making in this game is very good. I’d say the first game does it better, however, because certain music doesn’t play for options you chose. The second game really puts an emphasis on this because it makes you realize all the dark side choices may not always be bad. Plus, I really like how the story changes depending on your options. You can either be the hero of the galaxy, or a sith lord who conquers the galaxy.

  3. Some of the minor characters. HK-47 is comic gold (his “what is love?” dialogue option is some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever read in Star Wars). Bastila’s and Revan’s romance is written very well. One of my favorite characters is Atton, however. He starts to act like a jerk towards you, but once you get to learn more about him, you just start to like his company. This is definitely apparent when he decides to go and rescue you. I was also surprised when it was revealed he was force sensitive, and that I could teach him to become a Jedi. Definitely was a great decision to add that in.

  4. The character design. Despite being more limited back in the early 2000’s, KOTOR and KOTOR II have excellent character designs. Darth Revan has one of the best designs when it comes to Sith. Bao-Dur’s laser hand is cool, too. I can’t help but enjoy seeing Bastila’s robes, however. Bastila looks REALLY cool.

There are a few things I will openly criticize however.

  • There are some annoying glitches I’ve come across playing KOTOR I and II. There’s one in KOTOR II I currently cannot pass due to the game just breaking at the restored Jedi Enclave. Anyone know how to fix this?
  • KOTOR II has this weird obsession with putting you in sticky situations which are incredibly hard to fight in. Seriously, it’s a pain in the butt.
  • Malak is just… I know he’s trying to be intimidating but his design is lame. The idea of the artificial mouth and his head design is good, but the rest is lacking. Now, Darth NIHILUS has a better design. It looks scary.
  • I would have rather had Kreia being a sith be a plot twist in KOTOR II. Instead, they show her having suspicious dealings, and even in a cave you have a vision of her being evil.

Other than that, these are solid games. Just wish they were still canon…


Fret not, there’s a different twist about her at the end. :stuck_out_tongue:

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