Knockoffs Discussion

Yeah, many of the 3rd party companies do mystery packs. 10$ for 30 pieces works out to about 33 cents each, which is well below the average 1$/piece. Also, them being themed is super cool. I’ll definitely add 3rd party mystery packs to my list of potential products to review on my YouTube channel in the coming months.

You have a channel? cool.

The theming is nice, though the red packs used to be Sci-fi, but now their fantasy, which makes me a little sad, but that’s life.

Their rewards program is also fantastic. It’s not stated, but when your a member, and pay a certain amount (pre- discounts and coupons), sometimes they throw in a black pack in for free. It’s happens way to frequently for it to be a mistake, but it never happened before I was a member.

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