The Ko-Hunter, designed as a hunter in snow environment, with skates that double as swords and a gun. The mata feet were used because of the skates, the flaps on the back and legs were to give the build a streamlined appearance, mixed up CCBS with the inika build because why not. I used the vahki head because of realistic head features (the mouth).



Cool build also amazing use of the Vakhi heads

I like the head and torso design.

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Pretty good.:+1:

It’s a great MOC, but it needs more Metru Blue.

Like the colors.

This reminds me of one of my Mocs, only better :stuck_out_tongue:

My one gripe are those legs…they seem overly simple and have a darker shade of white compared to the rest of the MOC.

This is cool! I like the body! 10/10

Heh. “Cool”. Like ice. I’m sorry…


I would say COOL ICE ha ha References Whaddon Does

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i didn’t have enough metru blue parts when i built it so i just tried to even it out

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