Ko-Nui Xalos, Lord of Ice

That said... he's STILL BUILT! So comment as you will, just remember those HF leg armour bits on his legs are the newest parts on him :v

From the icy halls of his fortress on the mythical island of Korrothis, Xalos commands the forces of cold, death and cruel logic within the Matoran Universe. All elements, after all, have their place in the balance.

Every bit as bitter and chilling as his element, Xalos is a being used to command, having commanded the island of Poliaz's guard, his own toa team, and now the elemental forces (or at least a sixth of them) of an entire universe.

Corrupted in his years as leader of the Toa Vanembar during a fateful trip through the mysterious shadowcaverns, Xalos' right arm became infused with advanced technology left there by one of the Great Beings. Through this arm Xalos is able to channel some of the energies of Life to heal, harm or repulse spirits.

Following a massive weavestorm triggered by the murder of the then Le-Nui, Maelestrak, Xalos and his brother Gringat battled through storms of chaos towards the island of Korrothis, battling rogue spirits on their way. Eventually they were able to regain control of the Weave, and in doing so sacrificed much of who they were to become the new Ko and Le-Nui.

Xalos weathered the Battle of Bara Magna, when his island blasted a hole in the Great Spirit Robot's chest and took to the skies to aid the Glatorian in their battle against Teridax, and remained Ko-Nui when the island landed for the final time and became the core of the great city of Bazryghan.

He also accompanied Gringat after records of the Great Being homeworld were discovered and a colonisation mission mounted to the forgotten world of Atmos Magna. It is unknown what happened to him between then and now; some say he betrayed his brother, others say his brother betrayed him, and yet others say he and Ezru the tyrant are one and the same...


Very nicely made. The right arm doesn't really look like an amputated techno arm though. It looks a bit corrupted in a way.

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Now THAT is one great use of the Hahli Inika leg!

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that shadow arm is awesome! like the lower legs too! Great job!

First off that blue arm just looks amazing, it really goes well with him. The build looks great, I especially love the legs. Thanks to the color scheme the blue pins look natural, and I love it when mocists do that.

Overall really cool moc, I agree with everything. 10/10

Nice work on this MOC.

I got to admit this looks pretty great.
The story is interesting.