Kodahi, Toa of Unification (#Bionicle20ans)

Fa-Toa messiah sent to the reformed Spherus Magna by the Greater Beings to defeat the Marendar once and for all.


This MOC was made for the #Bionicle20ans collaborative project.
As Bionicle turns 20 this year, the french Bionifigs community will celebrate these two decades of biological chronicles through all of 2021.
Each month will be dedicated to a year in the history of Bionicle - in January we focus on 2001.


Galur, Toa of Magnetism
Grehukki, Toa of Swamp
Kila, Toa of Steel
Kodahi, Toa of Unification
Kohungaru, Toa of Vapor
Kork, Toa of Broken Backs
Lyrad, Toa of Air
Mace, Toa of Fire
Natarkha, Fallen Toa of Sand and Shadow
Parorai, Toa of Stone
Oyun, Toa of Sonics
Umn, Toa of Psionics
Tiribomba, Toa of Light
Vitrahk, Toa of Shadow
Ydek, Toa of Fire


Wow this is a great build (although the vahki heads have started to hurt my head :stuck_out_tongue:) really loving the shaping on the torso. How are the disks on their back held on? And where did you get that kaukau from?

Edit: hey @Du7734 how would I join #Bionicle20ans?

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This is the best Toa of Gravity I’ve seen. I love how the vahki head pieces spiral and how creative you were with the mata build.


I love the idea of doing a build for each month! Also great use of Vahki headdress’
How does one join this collab thing?


I love the use of those Vahki parts!


Thank you all!

There’s a cruciform hole on the Mata torso’s back. Here, I just made a basic Technic assembly to connect this hole with the halos, using among others those pieces in order to make the disks adjustable.

The Kaukau is simply a classic golden Mata mask from which I trimmed the visor off and sanded the inner edges. Its closed visor has always been a design element I never really liked (even if it kinda makes sense with its power I guess), so I wanted to experiment.

Everything is explained on this article (Bionifigs discord server, the project’s google sheet, ect). You can also contact @LSKR (or @Bionicle20ans on twitter) for more info if necessary.
But more simply, you can just use the hashtag #Bionicle20ans whenever you post a Bionicle related creation on any social media. It can be MOCs, but also 3D renders, drawings, short-stories, music compositions, sculptures, and so on.

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The colors on this moc are stunning! Great moc!

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