Kolk: The Whirlpool

Hello all on the TTV Boards. I’ve come to bring you a new moc. His name is Kolk, and he is my new Self-MOC… Ventum is now a mascot, but don’t worry, he isn’t dead.

I wanted a newer character who could define me better as a person, and Ventum wasn’t cutting it anymore. Furthermore, I wanted a more articulate, sturdy, and simplistic Self-MOC overall, considering all my Self-MOCS from the past were usually overly complex.

Kolk features several point of articulation within his build, including articulated shoulders and shoulder pads, as well as an articulated waist (not really shown much).

w/ Laser sword.

w/ Double-bladed beam swords.

w/ Paddle Staff

Kolk also features several weapons in his arsenal, such as a Laser Sword, Double-bladed beam swords, and a Paddle Staff used to control his whirlpool abilities.

Kolk is one of the tallest things I have currently built. He is taller than the new Tahu by about a head. Also, I managed to keep Ventum together, who is to Kolk’s right.

For further photos, there is an Imgur album linked below which contains poses not shown in this main post.

http:// imgur.com/a/2KvLP#uBRW824

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Thank you for your time, and have a nice day!


Well that’s freaking awesome.

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Very cool-looking. I like the color scheme and all of the weapons that he possesses.

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I really like this MOC! Black and light blue is a solid colour scheme and you can’t really go wrong with it IMO. I especially like the head and the shoulder armour. He looks really sturdy and pretty compact, and I think the way you’ve laid out the armour is great. The white foot spikes do seem a little out of place to me, though. Perhaps adding a bit more white to the feet may remedy that, though it’s only a minor issue.


@Studentscissors Thank you!

@DarkTakanuva Thank you very much!

@Rando Well, to be honest, the white spike is there just so it can match with the hands. Until I can make the hands a different color, the white spike will be there, I guess. Thank you for the comment though! Much appreciated.

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Looks great!

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Much appreciated! Thank you!

Neat idea, but I think it looks a bit to much like a rough draft prototype for your other MOC. :confused: It seems a bit clunky to me for some reason. It is still quite good though. I’d say 7/10.

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It’s probably because I went for a bit more exaggeration this time around. I purposefully made the shoulders ridiculously large and the rest seem very bulky and armored. It’s something different that I wanted to try. Not everyone will like it :confused:
Thank you for your comment!

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Looks pretty good overall, and I love the double-bladed beam swords, but the head looks kind of odd to me; like a big blob of white stuck atop the body.

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Those beam sabers look much better posed like that…

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Hmm. I love the body, but I’m a bit iffy on the head. I love those sabers though :thumbsup:

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You know what would make him look better? Red highlights.

Looks nice all around, could maybe have some better spreading of white bits. And I personally think that the red visor would work better than the yellow one with his current color scheme.

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@ColdGoldLazarus I’ve gotten a lot of ye’s and ne’s about the head. Personally, it could be done a tad better, but I think it works for what I need it to do. For now anyways.
@Ekorak They can be posed several different ways, but my favorite way is when they’re positioned like the photo posted above.
@Leoxandar Thank you. I was iffy on how I felt about them, but they seem to get their job done.
@Hawkflight It was red for a while, but I ultimately felt like the yellow one was just better for the vibe I wanted. Also, as for the white, once I can, I’m limiting the white to just the helmet (Contrast xP). It just looks weird for now because he has a single white spike on his feet and white gloves, but I assure you it’ll look better once I do what I want to do to complete the look I want. Thank you, Hawkflight.