Kollorak's and other Rahi's genders?

Could we consider Kollorak as a female Keelerak? Because the BIONICLE is usually lacking in female characters/creatures and seeing that a female Rahi could be as cunning (such as Krahka) or useful and loyal (such as Pewku) ally as a male Rahi (such as Keetongu), it would be reasonable that Sidorak chose a female Keelerak as his messenger/courier. It wasn’t mentioned either Kollorak’s gender in the novel or in the movie.
And, when Teridax recreated the Visorak Horde, did he recreate/revive Kollorak as well?

Also what’s the gender of Jaller’s Hahnah crab? It wasn’t mentioned in any books.

And at least Kongu tamed a Gukko bird on Mata Nui and he called it “Ka”. That Gukko was released as a set and featured in the MoL when Jaller & Takua travelled Ko-Wahi from Le-Wahi with Lewa Nuva. Also Ka helped Lewa when the Bohrok-Kal stole his symbol. If Kongu and Ka weren’t there, Lewa would’ve been killed by now. So what’s Ka’s gender? Ka had a role in the old story.


I thought I remembered reading somewhere that Ka is female but Biosector has no answer on the subject so I remain unsure.

Best I could do is randomly assign genders. There was nothing in the story bible on genders for Rahi.

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But what would you choose/assign for them? You already mentioned in the BL5: Inferno that Kardas/Fenrakk is male (via Vezon of course), and Keetongu is male too… And we know that Graalok, Krahka, and Pewku are females so, I don’t think it would be a big problem.


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