Konahrik V2

After regaining his memory that he was made by the great beings as a failsafe should any of their creations turn against them, Konahrik chose to renounce his origins. Konahrik received new armor from the inhabitants of Okoto Nui, and sacrificed the power in his amplification staff to open a portal in the Temple of Time so that he may find his creators.

With cloth

Without cloth

Konahrik can use his formidable telekinesis to switch position of his arm blades or throw them at enemies.

Height comparison 1 with Tahu 2016

Height comparison 2 with WIP Makuta Piraunga


I think that this iteration of Konahrik is an improvement over the last iteration, but let me know what you guys think. Have a good day/night.


Dang son. That cloth.

Is it by chance inspired by this konahrik?


Looks just as phenomenal as before. I especially like the addition of those arm blades.

The name was, yes, and the helmet was also inspired by Skyrim.


"I was a matoran once until i became a MOC." - konahrik 2016

With the cloak, he reminds me of the 'villain' from Toy story

Anyways, He is a really cool looking MOC and the build looks simplistic-ish but very solid and well covered. Nice!

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Huh, I can kinda see a resemblance. But his build only looks simple due to the CCBS shells, only the upper arms and legs don't have anything special built in.

I dunno what it is, but there is something about the feet that I love...

I like it! He looks much better without the cloth