Konahrik: Wanderer of Okoto Nui

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoy my latest creation, a self-moc kinda sorta. First the kinda background then the pictures.Criticism is welcome. Enjoy!

A strange, horned being has been spotted wandering Okoto Nui. Some villagers say he is a master, others say he is… something else. From a far off land, his story is unknown, and with his memory erased, Konahrik must forge a new path. Armed with formidable telekenetic powers, and an augmenting staff, is he friend or foe to the inhabitants of Okoto Nui?

Old Pictures




New pictures below, and a better augmenting staff to boot, hopefully they give a better, clearer look than before.







Thanks for stopping by, have a good day/night!



he looks alright

First up, welcome to the boards!

Onto the MOC: Its nice. The head, horns, and staff give it a creepy vibe. Strongest point of this is the torso build. It’s a nice filled-out build with the right amount of detail.

Weakest point would have to be the limbs. They look a bit too small compared to the torso.

I love that hand build you used. I’ll have to try it myself.

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Drem yol lok, I love how many Skyrim references are in this moc! I like how smooth the character looks but there could be a little improvement in either the legs/arms or the color department. Otherwise the staff, helmet, and torso are pretty cool, good moc. how stable is that hand, because to me it looks like it has a larger risk of breaking than others.

Reminds me of Lewa in that weird concept art comic thing that came in the Lego club magazines

Cool Moc!


Very menacing.

Friggin sick.

What is an Okoto Nui?

Wow! This is a great MOC! It’s simple, but it really works! The smoothness looks great! The feet are interesting, though I’m not sure how stable they are! :smile:

That torso is legit! Mask and weapon are cool! All in all, excellent work!

I second that motion! Is it a mishmash of Mata Nui and Okoto?

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Very well made, I must say. Very much a fan.

Thank you for the welcome, much appreciated. Agreed about the limbs, looking back on it, they do look a little disproportionate. They could be filled out a little more for sure.

Yes, I do love me some Skyrim, and I’m glad that transferred over to the MOC. Agreed about the limbs, there is something off about them. The hand design is sturdy, it just gets stuck on the little holes on the balls of CCBS limbs occasionally.

Oh sweet, thats a pretty good catch, nice find.

Long story short, Okoto in the Gen 1 universe, an AU concept I’m working on.

Thank you very much, the feet aren’t the most stable due to the knuckles on the hand piece. Quite a bit of balance was needed to pose the MOC decently.

Thank you all for the coments, really glad you liked my MOC.

Based on the criticims received, I’ve already begun tinkering with the MOC and I must say, it already looks better thanks to everyones input. Thank you much, and have a nice day/night.


Okay, that makes sense, I was just wondering, because I’d never seen that before…

…My god…that would be just using Nostalgia to get more fans…also if it was Okoto Nui we would have a controversy on our hands

This looks really cool!

Build is good and textures are solid. Nice work!

I’d say that a splash of some sort of interesting color would be nice, but the dark/metallic theme does a good job of presenting him as a mysterious character.

The color scheme and horned helmet really do give it a dark and mysterious feel. Also, love the torso build and weapons.

Bland colors, but I still like the Moc.

Thank you much. I tried a kind of splash with the quasi heart-light, what would be abetter solution?

What could be done to make the colors less “bland”?