Kopaka 2015/16 Crossover MOC

Another crossover MOC - this time Kopaka! I removed the gold completely, focusing on the silver that the 2016 form uses, as I felt that silver helps to enhance his ‘cold’ feeling rather than contrast it with gold.

By the way, the shield design is a slightly different build of @SwagMeister’s Kopaka mod shield (I thought it was a great design).

Much like with Gali, I have placed the other images in a flickr album so not to clutter up the post. As a lot of people missed this,
##the album can be seen here.

As always, constructive criticism is welcome :smile:


“I find your lack of gold disturbing.”

“I think it’s overkill, personally.”


Nice build, good job :slight_smile:

yo can you post more pic please i cant really see the moc

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Have you clicked the link to the flickr images? Otherwise I’ll have to make it again cause he’s kinda broken up now…

Oh sorry i didn’t see it

also nice job!

Should have kept the gold as a contrast to the otherwise dull color scheme,
The shells on the legs should be swapped around to better balance the colors,
The bohrok eyes on the feet feel kind of unnecessary.

The back could use some work, but other than that, the MOC is really well done!

Thanks for crediting my shield!

i have wanted to see something like this for a long time ! good job :stuck_out_tongue:

This guy looks pretty epic… until I saw the shoulders. They just stick out way too much. However, I love the incorporation of the Rapid Shooter into the shield, but not as much as I like the COMPLETE ABSENCE OF GOLD!!! If you fixed the shoulders, this guy would be AMAZING.

This reminds me of a knight because of the shield shape

He looks rather frosty.

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Looks pretty good, it looks like a good combo