Kopaka 2016 / 2015 combo model

Not much to say here; I found the 2016 sets, bought 2, and combined both kopakas.
While keeping some designs of 2015 I kept this as the 2016 Uniter set (and I like the new function better). The combo I'd mostly in the limbs so he still has the Uniter function. Same posability but like 2015 his shoulders are a bit hampered by the shoulder pads. Becuase of the Uniter pegs he can store his spear and the good makes his gold mask look a bit better on him.

And when you comment please know he is only built from the 2 kopaka figures; no extra parts from the sets or melum.


Well, I like it more than Kopaka 2016.

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where's dat shield tho?

Couldn't figure out a good looking way to combine the 2 secondary weapons. Still has his gun Though

I feel that it is just '16 with a few '15 pieces on it