Kopaka - Broken Mirror


It’s straight up a copy of Mr. Bolttron’s moc which was based of Logan McOwen’s design

Broken mirror is an AU universe, on which 5 of 6 toa where brain washed and are under makuta’s control, Kopaka arrived later due to some failures on his pod, when he arrived, he saw the atrocities the other toa had commited, he tried to help a matoran He has my blood on his mask, completely not a rip-off of The Force Awakens, which was wounded by tahu, this matoran was the first that kopaka saw, and left a mark on him, literally, now he is trying to defeat makuta and the rest of the toa, by any means

not inspired by dark mirror at all


I like that mask

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I have always wanted to do that with a katana! Over all the moc looks great, but why did you paint the mask? It seems like it would look better not painted.

Edgy but the build fits the concept fairly well though.

I actually have the other one still, but I just dont really like it

I really like this, it should be a set. too bad you can’t put it on lego ideas

To each his own.

This is great, but can we get a closeup of the katana? I really like how that looks.



That looks really cool.

Amazing as always good sir

I love this. You do such a great job with your fabrics on your MOCs. I can’t get mine to look nearly as good.

I just released a v2

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