Kopaka Lord of Ice


shoulder connection looks a bit awkward, but overall very solid!


Looks really tall, also the armor from Star Wars figures is a bit wired since it is smoother, the sword and shield are awesome though. The feet are a little small and the back could use some armor.

Very cool, the hips/lower torso is probably the worst part.

There’s something off about the proportions, but I can’t quite place it… something just looks wrong.
Aside from that the shoulders are awkward, and the upper legs look weird,
otherwise I don’t have any complaints.


This looks pretty great! The only thing that really stands out to me is how the textures clash a bit; for example, his lower legs, lower arms, and chest are all smooth while the rest of him is somewhat greebly. Some greebles are certainly OK with smoother CCBS but right now everything is kinda jumbled.

The problem is the upper legs I found are like a pin too shot but I plan on fixing it when I can find a certain piece.

Shoulders looks off, but other wise I really like this. His sword is cool too.

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His waist seems a tad too thin

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his legs and body go for miiiiiiiiles, with little bulk, causing the thing to look like the main body got stretched in photoshop?

Hey, this is actually pretty good!

His height and proportions a pretty fitting for his personality imo

Definitely nice spin on the legendary Toa of Ice, I would’ve have toned it down in the gunmetal and would’ve add more white and switch the sword with a similar weapon Kopaka had in his Nuva set. But overall it’s a very nice Moc and I’d give it a 7/10

OK, taking a closer look at this, the issue seems to be how absurdly long the upper arms are, to accommodate how long the torso is. You’re gonna want to find a way to re-engineer the torso, in order to remove the section connecting the Toa Okoto pistons to his side. those piston parts throw off his torso proportions, and over-extend the torso quite a bit. and once that’s one, you’re gonna want to re-do the upper arms, in order to make them proportional once more.

One more thing- try and make the white Toa Okoto piston part and the chest flow together better, maybe by raising the chest addon out, or sucking the piston part in.

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I loooove that sword. The rest is pretyy great too.

His torso looks way too stretched to me, but I really like the limbs. Also, good use of the X-Pod lid! Haven’t seen those get much love, really.

I know in my opinion it’s kinda sad.

It’s pretty good, but there are definitely some things that could be improved. I really like the weapon, shield and armor. I’m glad to see Kopaka Nuva’s mask used rather than the other ones, simply because I don’t see it being used often enough. The torso is a bit too long compared to the rest of it, and the arms are a bit too long giving him a bit of an awkward look.

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Yeah I’m not sure why no one uses that mask personally it’s probably my favorite mask !

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If anyone wants me to I found the leg pieces I need so I can post more pictures if you so desire.