Kopaka Master Of Ice 2015 Revamp

side by side comparison of Set version and revamp version of Kopaka

His weapons aren’t too different from the set (most likely the shield). But the body took awhile to come up with to keep a bit of that kopaka feel to it. Other than mentioning those two things about this moc, hope you like what you see.


Captures the overall look of 01 Kopaka pretty well being lean n’ lanky. The legs don’t really work though, especially the gold add-on side-by-side and kinda creates this weird curve on the shins. Maybe replace 'em and make his feet gold as well to look like snow boots? Because right now the feet are kinda small and hard to notice. Nice job overall though


Interesting… he looks a little more like a she imo

as much as I would use your advice on the feet to match the lower leg I unfortunately don’t have one of those feet in gold

Very interesting. He’s lanky, but I think he pulls it off quite well. Only suggestion would be to change the lower legs. Either changing a single addon or the overall design is up to you. It might also be a good idea to add some armor in his crotch region so the Technic isn’t so jarring. Overall, nice work.


nice, lanky, and G1-ish

he looks great

It looks like Kopaka was stretched into the proportions of a tall, lanky basketball player. The savage planet paws look a little out of place due to their bulkiness. I like the upper half of the torsos shaping, but the abdomen could be beefed up a bit, it looks like one good blow could snap him in half.

you would be surprised how solid the body is based on your comment and I honestly I enjoy the savage planet shoulder pieces because that was originally part of the set and this is a revamp remember that.

I didn’t mean literally snap in half, it was a figure of speech. What you could probably do to make it less gangly, is widen the shoulders and beef up the arms too. He kinda does look feminine like @Umarak mentioned. Almost like an Amazonian Kopaka.

Huh, to be honest with you I don’t really see what makes this kopaka have a feminine look

It’s the wider hips, seemingly narrow shoulders, and thin torso that make it look kinda feminine to me.

It looks really lengthy and I advise that it should be smaller over all
I would give it 5/10

Weird lanky neck and legs, but besides that its pretty cool
(See what I did there?)

I love it

He’s pretty.

This does something that most Revamps don’t; It expands on the original set, but still makes it feel like it’s the same character. The only advice I’d give is to shorten up the neck a bit. :smile:

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That was one of my biggest goals when making this revamp, thank you.

his torso goes for miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiles

which really screws up the proportions on the legs.

Im beginning to question why people are commenting on nearly year old mocs that I have already scrapped and hate to look back on. But I mean the whole leg and torso thing is something i’ve already learned my lesson on so… Thanks? I guess?