Kopaka MOC (Brian Fiedler Design)

A Kopaka MOC heavily based on toy sculptor Brian Fiedler’s “Kopaka Revamp”: Bionicle - Kopaka Re-Revamp by Lalam24 on DeviantArt

Some pieces were modified in order to fit a better appearance for the toa’s original mata design.

Could use some more work, but what do you think?


Looks pretty accurate, great job!
There’s so many greebles.

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Off topic but this should go in the creative contents tag. Fantastic build tho

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Changed to Creative Content


thanks lol for some reason it didn’t show up for me

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probably because I’m a Master.


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This revamp is just to cool.
Love the torso especially so many tiny white pieces and it all flows together nicely.

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Love how the harsh lighting is working in the last 2 pictures.


thanks, man. I know next to nothing about lighting so that’s a great compliment.

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I’m no pro at lighting either, I just know what I think is cool lighting when I see it. :wink:

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