Kopaka nuva moc

he is not a revamp any more and i know he is basic but give him a chance

here is the front view of the moc

here is the back and yes i gave him wast movement

here is a hight compare


tis a good moc

the upper arms are very nice, however i not too keen on the torso armor, you should probably replace the nuva armor. nothing else too wrong, besides being a bit simple.

That shield is a little small

Don’t know what to say other than the limbs are alright and you should lower his shoulders and head, along with the Nuva Chest lower to make it fit with those wings on his chest


He has an Ek neck.


not really.

To have one you must have a possible Metru Lower arm, Bohrok limb or some other limb type


here is his insides

you guys there?
so be really critical about the bid make sure you point out all the mistakes


nicely built custom torso, although the neck is a bit long, and the way the shoulders are connected will limit movement horizontally.

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well other then the neck that’s a semi-decent build, ofcourse you could add some technic on the vahkhi pelvis to allow for the ballsocket to face forward and not sideways, and maybe just find a ball and a plus rod for the neck. As for the armor I’d suggest making it so the nuva plate on the torso is lower, or combine it and the wings, and maybe place the nuva shoulder pieces sideways unless you’re trying for your own aesthetic

@Omega_Tahu with the ball joints acting more like they’re in a socket like in real bodies, I believe he can actually afford more movement than on a standard build with something like a standard arm connection

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The build is decent, but the neck needs work. Also, try to re-do the armor in a more cohesive manner (using HF isn’t the worst thing in the world)

The neck is a bit long, but I like the use of Nuva feet to connect the arms

The gap between the shoulders and the neck is awkward, I’d maybe see if you have anything to fix that gap.

This is a good moc man I think the best way to fix it though would be to lower the neck and fill in the space between the shoulders and the neck.

I like this moc but the neck looks a little too long and the shoulders have that gap between them and the torso, if the fins were moved up, it would be less of an eyesore, but your arm design is great, I like it.

Neck’s too big, shield’s too small.

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Call it ccbs