Kopaka Nuva (Ver.Toan)

A very “cool” moc


ice skates

another back view

If anyone asks, I DIDN’T SLIP

C&C appriciated



It wouldn’t be a Kopaka moc without some classic overused puns and I am all here for it.

As for the moc itself, the decision to use both silver and gunmetal is an interesting one which imo doesn’t hold up all that well. The addition of quite the technic-heavy stand for his equipment leaves the back and sides of the torso feeling bizarrely shaped and quite strange. It’s a good start, though; I can see this shaping up into a very nice moc.

Also nice metallic blue axle connectors.


I’ld say if you’re gonna mix G1 and G2 aesthetics, don’t compromise when you don’t have to.

Just use 2002 Kopaka nuva’s blades for his feet. The energy pieces are just a downgrade from the original.

Otherwise, great MOC. Ever considered using custom masks though? (Hint hint, shameless plug for my thingiverse).

Seriously though, there’s plenty of alternative kanohi masks, not just from me (though I am working on an Akaku).


unfortunately I do not have kopaka nuva’s blades, so I used those other pieces because that was what worked the best as a substitute


In that case, don’t place those blades in until you get the 2002 version.

To quote Breaking Bad, “no half measure”. The current version doesn’t really allude stability, nor a function.

Also, you might want to use a black cloth or paper for a background, helps to make the figure pop.

Either way, nice MOCs, keep going in that direction.