Kopaka reimagined

Now I've had this MOC on my desk since my birthday in November, and I still haven't posted it here... Figured that had to change! :wink:

Classic pose

From the back -
The gear mechanism holds, because the main gear is connected to one of those 1x3 pins with an axle hole, so it's got 2 pin connection's worth of friction.

From the side

I thought I'd show off the changes I made to Tahu has well, so here they are together.
While Tahu has ''gear armor'' on his shoulders, Kopaka has it on his knees, kind of as a nod to the piston armor placement in 2015.

and that's all she wrote!


Great Scott! He pulled an Onua! Except it's even more Onua-ey/hunchback than Onua!


No one ever lets an opportunity slip to give me grief for that...
I'm above nor beneath denying it, though; that's the drawback for an easy custom small torso with a built in gearbox. I wanted to do it specifically like that, though.

By Ekimu, you saw it before I did!

I thought it'd be a better fit for the more filled out look and the slick elements on his back and shoulders. And because I just generally prefer it!

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I see what you did there :smirk:


Why's he got his Nuva shield?

Interesting, reminds me of the Slizers/Throwbots for some reason.


I like this a lot! That torso build is great! And actually, I find there's a certain quality to them with the hunchbacks, especially if you made them all (although, poor Onua, he'd have his head on his stomach!). My only improvement would be a tire on the ankles and that's about it! He looks really cool, no pun intended!


The build is very unconventional, but it gives them a unique "style". Pretty creative in my opinion.

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TBH He looks like a Bohrok.


They must've forgotten to eat their spinach :stuck_out_tongue:

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Or maybe they ate a little too much? :wink:

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Not a big fan of Tahu's legs, to chicken legged. the torso looks strange, but not to bad.

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The story about how the Toa got their hunchback?
Akhmou became a Chiropractor

The End


He looks as if hes melting. Nice aesthetic, just... odd.

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Oh, if I had money for pieces, I'd try...
Though I'm not sure if I'd do Gali or Lewa justice with this build, but maybe people will just have to cope with a slightly squat Gali, myself included XD They are robots, after all, and those come in all shapes and sizes.

Now nuvafying them, I'm sure that would be relatively easy! I wouldn't need to change the essential build, just the way some things are filled out :smiley:

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Neat concept! I like his hunchback-ness. :smiley:

Constructive Criticism:

  • Trans-light blue seems a bit outta place.
  • Legs a=aren't as smooth as the shoulders. You might wanna replace the black with white too.
  • I like your camera angles. You've got a knack that would look even better with a plain backdrop. How about using a bed sheet?
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Thank you!!
I sort of agree with you on the colours, but the black handpieces were actually really meant to be black, since the pieces that connected the limbs to the original Toa Mata's torsos were also black, so I really wanted to keep that in.
If I could get rid of the rest of the black, though, I gladly would... But I don't think I could get those axle connectors or glatorian necks in white.
The trans-blue only really bothered me personally on the sword arm, but I guess I could just add trans blue bohrok eyes instead like I did with Tahu and keep the limbs completely light bluish gray?

I will say this, though: Maybe you'll find that colour schemes/placements that make sense sometimes end up being a bit plain and not really a good thing, like on Lewa's newest form. People used to complain about the Keetorange, but now a lot of people aren't happy about the fact that it's just green and silver.
If I imagine Kopaka without some trans blue somewhere, I'm afraid he'd get really boring to look at Dx that's a matter of personal taste, though!


Ah. I get ya. I suppose it's the Glatorian necks that are throwing me off.

Fair point.

That'd probably be great.

True that. I think it's really a matter of finding the correct balance between colours. It's not easy, but it's yield very satisfying results. I recommend doing some research on colour theory and colour blocking. Best of luck!