Kopaka Revamp / Monochrome MOC Contest

Nothing too special, just Kopaka Mata. Critique is welcome, of course.


Hey that’s pretty good.

This proves that BIONICLE can be done in system.


yea, I’ve been doing stuff like this for a little while now. (Although I haven’t put them up yet) You can get a lot more detailing in with system bits rather than Technic.


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Whoah that looks great really nice job, this is really unique.

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Captures Kopaka Mata very well. Nice MOC.

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I really like this but I thought the moc for the contest couldn’t be mainly system:

Other than that I think this moc is really cool!

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Well, it has ball joints and some technic pieces… does it still count as “mainly system” ? :confused:

Probably not. Unless Xing completely rewrites the rules, I intend on withdrawing from the contest to avoid drama.

This is seriously amazing! Proves that Bionicle can work really well with System.

I really like this, but can we get pictures of him with his regular 01 mask?

This isn’t “real” Lego. It’s a 3D modeling program called Lego Digital Designer

I know, but i thought g1 parts were in ldd.