Kopaka's vs Tahu's role in the Gen2

LEGO did dis Furno for Rocka, so maybe Ekimu will become the new leader.
# /s; No, Just No.

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Hmm… I think I phrased it a tad wrong. What I meant was that they all get screen-time, and none of them particularly have a big focus, some are more prominent than others, but none of them are left out really.

Well, they are quite popular Toa.

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That is exactly what I dislike the most of Hero Factory

People allways think the Toa of Fire is in charge but to be honest Matoro led the inika and mahri so it isn’t that farfetched

Um Matoro was never leader…
All Matoro did was kill himself…


“eh i suck i shouldn’t be leader”
“eh i suck im not good at fighting”
“eh i suck i cannot help out”
“oh hey a mask let me kill myself”