Kopaka's vs Tahu's role in the Gen2

So, is Kopaka the new leader of the Toa in the gen 2?

At the beginning of the series Tahu seems to retake his role as the leader of the Toa, but in the newest episodes, Kopaka seems to take over as the leader, and with he being the big set the 2016 winter wave, well. So what do you guys think Is LEGO trying to say that Kopaka is the new face and leader of the Toa, or LEGO is just trying to give more protagonism to other Toas


Lego would never take away Tahu’s precious leader role


Myeah,Tahu seems to be the main character in 2015,but Kopaka looks like he’ll be the main focus in 2016’s story

Kopaka has always kinda been second in command (most clearly evidenced in 2008). I suspect they’re just emphasizing that more than G1 did.


Literally the only thing I saw Tahu do this generation is grunt and yell at Kopaka.


Tahu may be the leader in the ads, but real fans know Kopaka calls the shots.

I dunno why everybody is saying Kopaka is the leader. Both seem to be giving commands and trying to lead the team. Tahu’s given direction to the Toa in the series, as well as Kopaka. Honestly, it looks to me like it will be an ongoing conflict for the series. (Just like G1.)


At the beginning when he meets up with the team and proudly proclaims that he is their true leader. After the team goes into the city, Kopaka seems to be commanding. Literally the only thing I saw Tahu do was yell at Kopaka for going the wrong way and yell at his team, telling them to… I forgot.


In the episodes i have seen that when Kopaka is giving orders, Tahu just stares at him, like “what do you think you are doing?”. I hope to see what will happen next in the show. I actually like more Tahu than Kopaka, and I think that Tahu is the one better suited to the role of leader.

What’s new? XD

I don’t mind the conflict of leadership, but I do wish they had a bit more of a difference in the way they lead. In G1 it was more that they had different ideals. In G2 it just seems like they are arguing over who actually leads the team, but have no real drive or end goal once they do. I suppose that’s most likely due to the shortness of the animations if anything though.

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Truthfully, I’ve always seen Pohatu as the leader. He’s the calm, levelheaded one, and seems to direct the Toa well in their battle against Skull Slicer. Kopaka and Tahu will likely keep arguing about it, but Pohatu will calmly direct the team from the background.

Seems like it, with the Kopaka and Melum combiner.

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And then Onua will be the Main Focus in 2017, Yelling at everyone to not fight with his $24.99 Height. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I notice a bigger focus on Kopaka, but really, there is a big focus on all the Toa. They aren’t keeping the spotlight on just on of them, and I’m glad. :smile:


I’m not understanding why everyone thinks since Kopaka is getting a twopack he’s going to be the focus next year. I really don’t think it means anything story-wise, it’s marketing.

I think is because how LEGO is treating Kopaka in the show, and then the pack we are getting in 2016

I haven’t really seen Kopaka getting special treatment myself, it seems more like Lewa is then anyone.

EDIT: Plus, being Mr. Mann writes the animations, and he’s not a set designer, they can’t really be connected.

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If not Pohatu, then Onua. Onua is wise. Only thing is that he breaks everything.

Well, the new episode came out, and it seems that Tahu and Kopaka are fighting again for leadership

Nope ><

Not really much of a focus on all the other Toa - only now that they’re all together do any other characters than Tahu even get a few lines to say xD Most still haven’t had any defining traits such as Gali.

All media (Books, shows, animations, toys) comes from adapting one source storyline. Merlin writes the animations, but he’s basing it off an outline presumably along with everyone else. So you’re comment here doesn’t really make any sense.

If the main outline wants Kopaka to get more focus, and Kopaka gets a toy, then there would be pressure on Merlin to give him slightly more focus. So the animations should reflect the direction of the storyline.

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Eehhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’d disagree. The main Toa being focused on are Tahu, Kopaka, and Lewa (at least, IMO).

I’d be 100% behind Kopaka taking over leadership of the team. Will it actually happen? Probably not. Lego likes their red posterboy too much.