Kopeke - Toa of Ash v5 (With Flamethrower!)

So I simplified the body from v4, and mainly focused on the weapon.

The flamethrower!

The body is lanky and tall, and is modeled after a skeleton.

His limbs are much longer than most Toa.

The lower legs are taken from Akida, creature of water.

For the color, I moved away from the old dark grey/white color scheme, and added other greys and black.

I finally got the ribcage to work, though some illegal building methods were used.

The flamethrower is modeled directly after the one from TF2


Let me know what you think!


when I see that Flamethrower
I get reminded of that Spaceballs Scene

That’s a great looking flame thrower!

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Yes I love the flamethrower

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The flamethrower’s great. As for the MoC, I think it achieves what it was meant to achieve. I’m not sure what I think about it. It looks skeletal, but wether or not that’s a good thing, I’m not sure.

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Wait which scene

Oh and i like this moc

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I love that flamethrower!

this guy is so cool i love the improvements you’ve made and that flamethrower

Really skinny, but I really like it regardless.

I like the look, but you over did the withered spindly aesthetic a tad.The flamethrower is all kinds of cool though.

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I totally don’t do any of those poses from time to time.