Koraial The Abyssal Master

Koraial (Core-Rye-Al) is know all around THE WORLD as the Martial Artist of the Abyssal Art a Stance which allows the Disciple to Channel Water from the Depths of the Ocean into Deadly moves such as a Giant Geyser from one Stamp which can Cool Rocks that were in Magma. Or make a Unbreakable Barrier of Water which can even Repel Kikru's Blade. She Lives in Tya which is made of Ga-Matoran and Toa (Even Docile Rouges), In her own DOJO Where she Trains Matoran, Toa and Rouges in the Abyssal Art.

She is Suppose to be skinny to resemble a style of GI


Dont Know what happened to the leg. Just think shes like Zed and her legs are See Through but have the texture of water instead of Shadow (And HE Was a Guy)


Face Shot

and the Clichéd Martial Art Pose


It's lanky, and lacks armor, but it looks pretty good!



  • As you went for the more skinny approach, the body looks decent
  • The three shades of blue(Metru,Mata,Rahkshi) look off and strange colliding together
  • The pelvis sticks out too much
  • The unarmored upper arms and thighs gives it an unfinished look
  • Overall Looks unarmored

I would give it a 6/10.
I like the whole idea with it, but in execution, it seems a bit off. S

Needs Some Work wink

P.S. Sorry if my critique was a bit harsh.


I agree with pretty much everything @PluralLego said.

If I were you, I'd put some of these

on the thighs and some of these

On the upper arms.

It would balance out the colorscheme and improve her overall appearance significantly.

I dont have any of those sorry

Really? None? Do you have them in any metallic colors?

Or in Black?

Actually I do i didnt know sorry @Garnira only for the Legs

And Fun Fact @PekekoaOfJungle She Was going to have Toa Mata arms


I suppose you can try silver if you have those.

i like the simplicity but the originality

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Holy Kaukau, Gali needs to eat something.

Heh. Get it? Like "Holy Cow"? Heh...
I'm sorry, I'll stop.


Docile rouges? I wasn't aware that makeup could be hostile, let alone docile. stuck_out_tongue
(The word you're looking for is "rogue.")

Anyway, while not bad per say, this moc could use some work. As @Garnira suggested, some blue Hero-Factory shells placed on the bare ccbs bones would greatly improve the MOC. Another area that could be improved is the waist/hips. The way you currently have it set up looks awkward, and limits the range of motion on the MOC's hips. The shoulders also look awkward, because the Rahkshi head that is used as a chestpiece begins to taper off before the shoulders begin. Lastly, please put some armor on the back; you already have a place to mount it.

Sorry if I seemed a little harsh, just trying to be constructive.

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So first off, you have 4 different blues. Transparent, Mata, Metru and pearly. That doesn't work. They clash horribly with each other.

The torso doesn't work. It just doesnt. It's too skinny, and everything looks very flat besides the Rahkshi head. And then there's the pelvis. I just have no words to describe how I feel about it. Like, what?

The neck area isn't great either. And by neck, I mean the lack of one. And then the shoulders stick out so far. Any armor would be better than leaving them blank.

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