Koreavu, Sentinel of the Fire Village

Pronounced KOH-ray-VOO, this diminutive yet booming sentinel is by far the loudest of all the guardsmen, both in spirit and in volume. Others try to tame his boastings, but to no avail.


Reverse. Note the gearbox using eight tooth gears.

Sort of a tablescrap MOC that I put together in three days instead of three weeks. Regrets for the sub-par camera. Questions and comments are appreciated.


Its got some pretty bad color distributing.


I like the piece with the flame sticker on the front. It’s very clever!
The inclusion of a function is nice too!

Not a sticker

It’s the Flame Roborider head; It’s a printed brick


I’d love to get a better look at how that gearbox works. I can’t get my head around it.

The gearbox is interesting, I’d like to see how it works.

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This might help to shine a little light on the gearbox.

I arrived at the final version after a lot of tinkering, operating off the goal of a minimalist gear system. It works for both arms approximately 95 percent of the time; not perfect, I know, but pretty decent.

After a lot of modifications, it also stays seriously sturdy, and is completely invisible from the front.

The biggest issue is that the arm joints can rotate out of their designated positions relatively easily, due to the double-headed round pins used to hold them in place. If you’re confused on what the deal is with the obvious lack of an axle and gear included to drive the system, read on.

Not to shabby from the other side, either. Typically I would have swapped out the blue and red pins for some more color-neutral versions, but they’re currently taken up by a more significant project.

The nifty solution that I came up with involves running the 5M stopper axle through the technic bit that holds his “Roboriders” chest piece in place. This helps out with the stability of the figure in general.

What do you guys think?


It is interesting. The gearbox is the best part about this.

As said before, the color distribution really needs work.

But yeah, I love that gearbox.

Decent work, overall.

What would you say about the colors?