Korgot, Warrior of Earth

Since I now have a small collection of Ccbs I figured I’d make a master version of my favorite protector. Just like the set and my revamps of it she still has the same designs and functions, just more “mature” and “upgraded”. I honestly don’t know the term but this basically if korgot was the master of earth. If this bionicle goes the same way g1 did I wouldn’t be surprised if the protectors became toa.

First; the protector form revamp

Now the master revamp

Thanks to her hip friction extenders and the large feet she’s very stable

Comparison to unmoded ekimu figure


That spike piece over the crotch area looks quite awkward, but apart from that it looks pretty good

I feel his torso needs to be bigger

Those are good modifications. The drill works well as the head of hammer-like club and I appreciate how the chest armor can (at least somewhat) open and close over the barrel- it should, in theory, help keep those sneaky little studs in place. I like it. Well done. :grinning:

@Umarak Awkward how? Looks like a fair spot for armor to me, and I don’t see it throwing off the shaping any.

@Toakopaka8943 I’m almost in agreement with you there, but not quite. Korgot is female. Females don’t so much have broad shoulders. The torso design could’ve been changed up, sure, but the original set had pretty interesting one to begin with, and hey, why fix what ain’t broke?

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The placing just seems a little inappropriate


  1. Again, she’s female, so that doesn’t even make sense.

  2. It’s not inappropriate. It’s a triangle. Please get your mind out of the gutter.

It just seemed a little awkward to me that’s all, anyway my mind isn’t in the gutter.

And again I’ll ask: Awkward how? It doesn’t limit possibility of the legs in any significant way, it covers its assigned section well and it meshes perfectly well with the black armor and liftarms and other such pieces above and around it.

There’s only one thing you could’ve meant by that, and you and I both know perfectly well what it is.

I’m pushing you on this because I’m getting tired of seeing these kinds of calls-to-attention on the boards. They become problems when the person who puts 'em forth tries to create a reaction, and in this case Mr. The Hunter, given the evidence available, that person was clearly you and not Khalsa. If a haphazard crotch piece has a good chance of being ignored by most of the rest of the community, then please- just let it go. You do more harm than good when you call it out.

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Okay, sorry if I caused I fuss

I just… I want to see a little more restraint here is all. You know Roodaka, right? Offline, I went five years before I even suspected that the silver armor on her frontside was representative of anything other than two Rahkshi heads or a split piece of chest armor. Five years, and it wasn’t even my doing. It was a friend of mine who mentioned “the pieces were in an… interesting position.”

Words have power. Use them wisely.

And @Khalsa721, sorry for more-or-less hijacking your MOC thread to take a personal crusade to the vulgus. I too will exercise caution in the future. Here’s hoping we meet again on less controversial terms…

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Color me impressed. Took the words right off of my keyboard.

Regarding the MOC, I like it. Good work on the color distribution and over-all shape. My one comment would be the ankles. They seem a tad thin. Otherwise, keep it up! I’d like to see you do the other Protectors as well.


Quite good.
I like how it’s clearly a Toa, but retains Korgot’s look.


Edited title for capitalisation - Chilly Productions

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The MOC is pretty cool, but adding silver to the torso would help a lot with the colours.

ehem, Ekimu lol


She got fat :stuck_out_tongue:

The legs feel awkward and the feet, while stable, could use some work. Does her chest armor block the use of her arms?

Speaking of Ekimu, the hammer weapon he’s got in his most recent set looks a mite like one. Not a problem in my book, but it’s an observation.

Also, I only just noticed the ammo reloader she’s got hidden on her left leg. That’s a nifty touch. Bravo.

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