Korikiba the Fire Elemental

This is a fire elemental based off of the fire elementals in World of Warcraft/Hearthstone.


although i don’t really like/play WOW i do like the design of this thing, it really does give me the elemental vibe. good job :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yeah, I don’t really like to play World of Warcraft either. But I like the story of it and the characters, and such, so I play Hearthstone instead :smiley:

This is really neat and hellish with those chains hanging off him. You should try doing other elementals

Thanks! I might try that :blush:

Reminds me of
Something off skyrim…

Both came from the same fantasy idea.

An Atronach in TES is just an elemental done in a new way.

Worth noting that while this moc is clearly the WOW design of elemental, the idea of an elemental goes as far back in history to before even the ancient greeks.

I really like this. The construction is very rocky while also not looking too cluttered. The colors are also dispersed quite well.

Nice job. I would love to see something like this in an official set someday.

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In the plegues the mad quest for the wabbajack, there are elemental that look like that, and it reminds me
Of them.

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