Korion how to

@PekekoaOfJungle requested a torso how to for my self-MOC, (Sorry for the blurryness, I did this quickly on the Lego Stop Motion app.)
Start with a Stormer XL/Evo Walker foot and put two blue pins in it.

Next, put on…ummm… These pieces.

Then, put these pieces on the remaining part of the pin.

After that, s

Put red pins into this piece, and put it into the top axel holes on the grey piece.

Then, put red axels and blue pins into two glatorian necks

And put them into the top holes

Next, put these pieces onto an axel

And put it into the hole, with a piece on top to keep it steady

Put Skull Spider legs onto the top two slots of a Rocka 3.0 weapon hand piece and put a 2015 chest on top

Put it on the torso and put the legs into the hollow piece.

Next, put this piece onto a shell, and put it on the lower ball joint

Then put a red axel through this piece and put on the pieces on the sides.

Put another one of that piece in between, using a red axel

put a ball joint on an axel, and stick it through the middle, and put another one on the other side.

Put a shell on that, flip it over, and put this piece through it using a red axel.

Connect both pieces

Congratulations! You’ve made the torso!


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