Korra, Master of the Elements

A MOC and character based heavily on Avatar Korra from The Legend of Korra.

She was one of the mysterious Masters of the Elements, which is a Toa than can control all six Elements. There can only be one in a generation, however.


I haven’t watched the show
don’t kill me
But this looks pretty good.

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Looks alright, but the waist is a bit rectangular with those technic beams


The torso is very eh. Blocky and not particularlly interesting.

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Aside from the blue forarms and ponytail(?) I’m not seeing much resemblance to the character’s design.

Granted it’s a simple model for a simple design, but I don’t think it really captures the look of the inspiration. If anything the backstory seems to be the most influenced thing here.


I should do another revamp.

Thanks for the critique, guys.

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Doesn’t seem much like Korra. The block torso isn’t particularly pleasing.

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My revamp is starting to look a lot like the actual model now. Yay.

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Apart from not really striking me as Korra, the MOC itself is pretty good, but the torso is pretty blocky and overall looks too dark compared to the rest of the MOCs colours

I like it, a bit. I like how you tried to make the boots. Can you make the polar bear too? I forgot it’s name. That show was soo good!

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I can try.

Also, NAGA! I love that dog.

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NAGA! I thought he was polar bear, not a dog… POLAR BEAR IS SO MUCH COOLER! Literally and mentally. Whatever that means.

Naga’s a girl, btw.

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Oops. I always thought she was a he. My bad. XD

'Tis alright. So did I until Korra called her “girl”. And also Naga is a polar bear dog, because most animals in the Avatarverse are hybrids.

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Alright, the new revamp looks a lot more like Korra now. Yay. And she will still have the shield because it’s BIONICLE.

Naga will also be included.

looks good, but the torso’s a little blocky

it’ll have my like but theres no sign of a waist it just looks like a inika build to me

Alright, but I did revamp it


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