Koru the Mask Maker


I am Koru, the Mask Maker. My name is a loop, and it is new.

Built by powers I do not understand, I toil with fire and magic to create new faces for my friends. Perhaps I was once like the masks I craft, a collection of molecules made for a single purpose. Nothing more. Or maybe the creatures who made me; who made us, simply wanted to play god for fun. Whatever the cause for my existence, I am grateful for the life I have. My will is free, I work in a system of my choosing, and I am safe.

I am more than a machine; a machine is free of will, acting only on the commands of its makers. I am more than this. My will is pure, no creator commands me. The work I do is my own, for the better of our little world beneath the earth and stone.

This is the world I crave; a society built upon the prospect of free will, where all is right and acts are pure, not a place run by thoughtless metal. Where once my mind was empty, it now hums with the melody of dreams.

I am Koru, my name is a Loop, and my dream is creation.


Quite deep and intriguing. Good work on the animation and writing.

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This is pretty good.

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There’s a certain creepy aura to this, but it’s very mysterious all the same. Very well animated and written.

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