Kotel toa of fire

Sorry a can’t really talk to much about it, it’s just easier to show you images.

This is the only LDD creation I’m actually proud of so far.

Kotel may have a gear on his back, but kotel does not have any functions.

His sword is based of the energy sword from halo, but is just Furno’s weapon build-wise.

And I just put this here for the fun of it


His arms are kind of skimpy looking.

His arm proportions are really wierd, and the color scheme is… well it isn’t bad, it’s just a bit offputting, I guess. Other than that, I think it’s pretty good. The build is pretty solid.


The moc seems to avoid exposing it’s lower section since it lack coverage…

The basic build works, yet some areas are bare-

Ummmm… it’s interesting. I don’t really like the way you distributed the color scheme